September 20, 2021

8 Can't Miss Books, Blogs, Podcasts, and TikToks for Pre-Meds

The Savvy Premed

By: Maham Zulfiqar

As a pre-med, don’t you perpetually feel as if you could do more, be more, achieve more, regardless of how far you have already pushed yourself in the quest for that beguiling acceptance letter?

While the journey is certainly tenuous and competitive, it is crucial to ensure that your precious downtime is spent wisely. Worry not; we have you covered! Here are some recommended books, podcasts, TikToks, and blogs for you to continue preparing for your future as a healthcare professional.

8 Can't Miss Books, Blogs, Podcasts, and TikToks for Pre-Meds 

Using books as a break from books? Who would have thought? But really, there is a profound, absolutely-worth-it rabbit hole in the medicine genre of literature awaiting your exploration.

What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear by Danielle Ofri

Patients may have a lot to say or nothing at all, but Dr. Danielle Ofri is certain of one thing: listening to a patient is key. This book is great for doctors-to-be to dip their toes into the no man’s land of doctor-patient communication and address one of the most pressing challenges of modern medicine. 

Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World by Tracy Kidder 

When it comes to suggested reading for pre-meds, this book could arguably top the list. It captures the essence of a doctor’s commitment - not only to medicine but also healing without bias or personal gain. As someone set on a professional path that is equal parts revered, well-paid, and challenging, it may be a good idea to assess how you will enact the role of a healthcare professional. Not only can this book help you get started on that, but it can also enlighten you on the kind of social, political, and economic barriers that may come your way.  

If books aren’t your cup of tea or what you like to have with it, these quick-read blogs can surely float you through that moat to medical school. 

PreMedLife and The Student Doctor Network

Charging into a career in medicine can be overwhelming for countless reasons. The sheer number of questions, concerns, and fears warrants a reliable source for insider knowledge.

While we at the Savvy Pre-Med do our best to play this role for pre-meds, we would also recommend PreMedLife and The Student Doctor Network blogs, both of which are superbly curated and burgeoning with answers to virtually any questions you may have. 

So, you want to go running or you have a thousand chores to do. Medicine can be all-encompassing, but once in a while, one really has to do laundry, right? In that case, here are some podcast recommendations to keep you informed on the go.

This Podcast Will Kill You - Erin Welsh and Erin Allman Updyke

No, but it will enlighten you greatly. The Erins tackle a new infectious disease each episode and address everything from disease etiology, epigenetics, cultural and individual impact, research, treatment and more. As a future doctor, you can greatly benefit from adopting such a holistic mindset from this oddly addictive podcast. 

This Week In Podcasts 

This Week In Podcasts covers the latest research in Neuroscience, Immunology, Virology, Evolution, Microbiology, and Parasitism. Whether you’re interested in some area of research or wish to satisfy random surges of curiosity, these podcasts ensure you hear insights and critiques about recent findings from researchers in the field. 

Now, if you really think you need a break but can simultaneously not let go of the medicine obsession, try these TikTokers!


Joel’s TikTok account tackles pressing questions about racial biases in medicine, education, and the United States at large. Sprinkled alongside are study tips, life hacks, and a highly engaging look into the life of a medical student.  


Like joelbervell, medical_edm is a highly recommended medical student account to satisfy all your curiosities about medical student life, along with tips on how to get there! 

About the Author:

Maham Zulfiqar graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Neuroscience and Evolutionary Anthropology. She has finally stopped ricocheting between art and science and hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. Her interests include abstract art, history, reading, and cricket.


Did we miss any of your favorite pre-med books, blogs, podcasts, and TikToks? Let us know in the comments below!

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