How Our Video Practice Interviews Works

Step 1: Check your audio and video

It only takes a minute or two to verify your technology setup.  It works best in Chrome or Firefox, but we’ve tested it on other browsers as well.

Step 2: Answer five questions

You will get one question per competency (Why Medicine, Resilience and Adaptability, etc.)  
You’ll get a 1-minute countdown and then 3 minutes to answer each question.  One cool feature - you’ll get to review your answer right afterward (if you wish).

Step 3: Review your results

After you finish all five questions, we’ll email you your unique url to review your interview responses.  These are your videos to review as often as you like.  

Our Privacy Policy

We don’t own your videos; you do.  We will never use or share these videos with anyone without your written permission.  The videos will live on the server of our video partner MyInterview, and will only be shared with you.