August 4, 2015

Update: How to Convert Old MCAT Scores to New (and vice versa)

Rob Humbracht

Back in April 2015, we posted about the New MCAT scoring and the numbers according to the AAMC. Now that the scores are out we’ve updated our conversion charts for you.

Shocker: the scores translate pretty well.  The overall median from the old MCAT (a 25) translates almost exactly to the median of the new MCAT (a 500).  The middle of the scale on each subject of the old MCAT (an 8) roughly translates to the middle of the scale on each subject of the new MCAT (a 125).

Why do we care?  Simple.  It shows us how most medical schools will compare students who have taken the old MCAT with students who have taken the new.  They will not treat these applicants differently; instead, our prediction is that schools will convert both scores to percentiles and compare them.

Trying to figure out where your MCAT scores compare to your dream schools?  Download our pdf: Medical Schools by Index, which lists the expected average MCAT and GPA for every medical school in the country (and some out of the country) for 2015-2016.

You can also download all three charts and scoring information in our How to Convert Old MCAT Scores to New MCAT Scores guide.

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