July 5, 2024

The Art of the Letter of Recommendation Packet

Asking for letters of recommendation? Don't just, like, ask, you know. Make sure you come prepared with a packet of materials that the letter of recommendation writer might want.

What goes in this packet, you ask?

Watch the conversation below:

Tips for Assembling Your Letter Packet:

  • Consolidate Materials: Whether it's a physical packet or an electronic one, keep all your documents together. This could be a single email, Dropbox, or Google Drive folder. Make it as easy as possible for recipients to access everything they need in one go.
  • Include a Heartfelt Thank-You: Don’t just send your documents off into the void. Include a thank-you note that’s genuine and heartfelt. Highlight specific instances where the recipient has positively impacted your journey to medicine.
  • Give Them Something to Write About: In your thank-you note, provide specific examples of your experiences and gratitude. This doesn't just show appreciation; it also gives those writing your recommendations something personal and positive to mention.

Wrapping Up With Genuine Appreciation:

Compiling your application packet is an opportunity to reflect not only professionalism but also gratitude. By personalizing your packet with a sincere thank-you note, you’re not just ticking a box. You’re building relationships and reinforcing your commitment to your medical career.

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- Rob