October 17, 2022

Percentage of Applicants Interviewed at Primary Care and Research MD Schools (Infographic)

The Savvy Premed

Since we're in the heart of the medical school interview season, we figured you might be wondering about the rate of interview invites for past applicants at the top primary care and research-focused MD schools. Our data is outlined in the two graphs below, which show the percentage of applicants who were interviewed at these top-ranked schools during last year's (2021) cycle.

There honestly aren't that many clear definitive trends, other than in-state applicants having significant more success in obtaining interviews and the total percentage of interviewed applicants never exceeding 15% for any of these top primary care or research-focused programs.

This is good evidence to support the strategy of casting a wide net in your school list and including as many in-state and lower-tier schools as necessary to ensure that you have a safe, well-balanced list.

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