March 22, 2024

Let’s Chat(GPT) About Admissions Committee Bots

There’s a lot of talk about AI’s role in admissions: fears about students using ChatGPT to write their essays, questions about whether students can trust AI-produced advice, concerns about the role of bots in generating students’ letters of recommendation, etc.

But there’s one interesting topic that isn’t getting as much traction: the potential use of AI to simulate a specific admissions committee.

And this topic was one of the focal points in my thought-provoking discussion with Janet Snoyer.

Here’s how it would potentially work:

1. Open ChatGPT 4.0 to create your own bot

2. Give the AI as much information as possible about the school/program you’re applying to: its mission, vision, values, metrics, opportunities, etc

3. Give the AI elements of your application: personal statement, additional essays, resume, etc

4. Ask the AI to simulate an admissions committee from that school and ask for feedback on how well your application aligns with that program

5. Then you could further prompt it with more questions: (e.g.) “how can I change my personal statement to show more connection with the program’s vision and values?”

This use of AI is inevitable and will only get better as time goes on.

As always, it’s probably wise to corroborate the information/advice from an AI bot with an actual human with admissions experience.

I recommend watching highlights of my conversation with Janet, where we discuss more uses of AI and how it’s changing the landscape of admissions on our YouTube or TikTok channels.

- Rob

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