July 25, 2022

Infographic of All Medical School Interview Formats 2022-2023

The Savvy Premed

Have you gotten any interviews yet for the 2022-2023 cycle? If not, it's still pretty early in the interview season (schools have been known to extend interviews as late as March or April). However, we want to give you a head-start in your preparation through our convenient infographic.

How does the infographic work? Just hover over the school of interest, and our map will tell you the essential information about that medical school's interview format. Whether it's a one-on-one, panel, group, hybrid, traditional, MMI, or any other format under the sun, our infographic is a great resource for your preliminary medical school interview prep. Check it out!

We'll be adding more and more schools to the infographic as their interview data become available, so make sure to check back in the future!

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