November 21, 2016

Highly Recommended: Which Medical Schools Help Students Get into Top Residency Programs?

By: Ryan Kelly & Rob Humbracht

Why do you want to go to medical school? “Duh,” you might say. “Because I want to become a doctor.” But not all medical schools are equally successful at helping their students become doctors. Most US MD schools have a solid match list - approximately 94% as of last year - but it’s a self-selecting group. If you’re graduating from a top medical school, you might go for your number one choice of dermatology, but if you graduate from a school that’s not as well regarded, then perhaps you might settle for internal medicine.

But how do you know which schools are best able to place their students in competitive residencies? You could scour each school’s website, but wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place in an easily searchable format?

Well, you’re in luck. At, you will be able to compare medical schools to each other based on their math rate.

“We took great care to boil down all the match data out there to its most easy-to-digest form. In the interest of giving users the most clear snapshot of the specialty outcomes of a school's graduates, we believe this is the most straightforward way to present the data.”

All you need to do is create a free account, and MedhounD will take care of the rest. They’ve gathered all the residency match lists available and broken them down by specialty placement.

By searching certain medical schools, you can see which specialties and programs a school's students have pursued in the past three years. You can search by specialty to see which medical schools have sent the highest percentage of their graduating class to a given field each year. You can also compare medical schools head-to-head across all specialties.

Residency match lists are scattered all over the place. When you do find them, it's still tough to compare medical schools in a meaningful way.

“We currently have data for about 90 U.S. medical schools. As we grow, we hope to partner with the remaining programs to eventually achieve 100% participation.”

What are you waiting for? Create an account to take advantage of this useful data and stay informed when they roll out new features.

As always, it’s highly recommended.

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