October 24, 2016

Highly Recommended: How to Answer Interview Questions About Obamacare

Ryan Kelly

By: Ryan Kelly

“So, Your Name Here, go ahead and tell us your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act. How can we improve the healthcare system in the United States?”

Oh no, it’s your interview nightmare. They’ve asked that tough, topical policy question that seems impossible to answer, let alone solve in real life. How can you tackle this complex issue in two minutes of an interview?

You’ve got to read up and stay current! Student A, who doesn’t prepare, will end up blathering on and on, never leaving the realm of generalities. Whereas Student B, who spends time scouring medical news, will provide recent context, solid examples, and specific steps.

A great place to start is a recent article by Tim Mullaney on Insurers Can Make Obamacare Work, But They Need Help From Congress

“The bottom line is that the Affordable Care Act is fixable — at least if Congress is willing to take some basic steps to save it.”

Mullaney’s article will be extremely useful during an interview, for several reasons. It’s a recent article that explores multiple stakeholders within the larger issue. It also provides specific steps for how to possibly “fix” Obamacare.

“First, companies need to adjust their strategies to the real economics of Obamacare, which are just now becoming clear. Second, regulators need to make changes to accommodate insurers that are facing sicker patients than expected and, especially, a wave of extremely expensive drugs concentrated in the treatment of hepatitis C. Finally, Congress needs to make fixes, the most important being subsidizing more of the premiums paid by middle-class customers — the kind of midcourse adjustment that Congress routinely makes for Medicare but which has been politically impossible for Obamacare.”

During an interview, it’s fine to admit when a problem is complex and multidimensional, and it might be smart to focus on ONE of these areas during your two-minute answer.

Make sure to read Mullaney’s full article, so that you’re prepared for the follow-up questions you might receive based on your suggested solutions.

As always, it’s highly recommended.    

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