February 23, 2016

What will it take for me to get in?

Rob Humbracht

By: Rob Humbracht

We are starting a new monthly column here at Savvy Premed, called What Will it Take for me to Get In? In each column, we will dig into one particular student's profile to help give that student guidance about how to present himself or herself on the application.  

While we could use prior students who worked with us one-on-one at Passport Admissions, we thought it would be more fun to give you the opportunity to have your profile analyzed by our expert team.  That's where we need your help - if you'd like to submit your information, we would love to analyze your application!

In each article, we will:

  1. Assess your chances of getting into your target school
  2. Suggest strategies for overcoming any perceived weaknesses (and accentuating your strengths)
  3. Provide any other advice as we see fit

Think of it as a chance to get some free application consulting!

If you're willing, please fill out the form below (which should take you approximately 10 minutes):

P.S. We will only have time to analyze one applicant per month.  Our apologies in advance if we are not able to get to your application!

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