February 12, 2018

21-Day “Write Everyday” Challenge

You've heard us stress the importance of good writing in your medical school application, and being a good writer, just like staying in shape, takes training and practice.

Would you show up to a marathon without a single day of training? Of course not. Unless you enjoy passing out from physical fatigue, you’ll probably start practicing months in advance.

For your application, this is the time to start training. We're putting you, and ourselves, to the test by kicking off the 21-Day “Write Everyday” Challenge.

My challenge to you:

Here’s what we’re doing starting TODAY:  

  • Together, we’ll write at least 200 words every day for 21 days
  • We’ll email you 1 topic daily for you to write about related to your medical school application
  • We’ll share our best strategies for a unique essay and tips on engaging readers
  • You can join in anytime! You’ll receive all 21 prompts starting the day you join
  • These writing prompts will provide ample material for your personal statement, most meaningful essays, and secondary essays.

These writing prompts are designed to uncover:

  • Pivotal events in your life
  • Important moments of growth and self-realization
  • Your biggest strengths and weaknesses
  • Reflections about medical and personal experiences

You’ll be more than prepared to take on your application, and you might even discover you like writing more than you think.

You can follow along with our team’s progress and share yours on Facebook.

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