6 Tips for Medical School Interview Thank You Notes

Video on 6 Tips for Medical School Interview Thank You Notes

By: Rob Humbracht

There’s something about getting a handwritten Thank You note that is so special that I’m likely to keep it on my wall for years to come.  It’s a simple gesture, but when done well, it has a big impact.

During the medical school interview process, you’ll meet several people who have a say in your acceptance. The Thank You note is a great way to show your interest in the medical school and leave a lasting impression on committee members, which is so important when you’re competing with thousands of other students.

In my new video, I’m sharing the six tips I use with my pre-med students for writing a better Thank You note.  I can’t guarantee that yours will be plastered to the wall of the person you’re thanking, but I promise it will make your thank you notes more sincere.

Don’t wait on this! If you have medical school interviews coming up, grab a box of Thank You notes and start writing.