Would you eat a poop hot dog to get into medical school?

Image via    Yelp

Image via Yelp

By: Rob Humbracht

Warning: the following article contains childish humor and scat puns. In short, it's everything that made me giggle when I was 13, and still does.  Don’t read this within 30 minutes of eating.

I'm pretty sure this is chili on top of an actual hot dog, but it doesn't take much imagination to see it otherwise.

Pre-meds often get a bad rap. Ask a college student's opinion of pre-meds, and you're likely to get, "competitive," "gunner," or "delusional." It's not fair: the worst offenders stand out for poor behavior and give everyone else a bad name.

Most pre-meds are perfectly reasonable people. They wouldn't do unspeakably gross things to get into medical school, would they?


According to the results of a popular post on Student Doctor Network - 15 years and 1300+ replies strong - maybe not. When asked whether they would eat a poop hot dog to get into their first-choice med school, an overwhelming 61% said yes.  

So, we have to ask, would you eat a poop hot dog to get into your first-choice medical school? Of course, since we are talking about your first choice school, we can't make it easy on you. You have to eat a foot-long dog "hand-crafted" by someone-else. And, no, there is no guarantee of health, but that is always a risk that you have to take with hot dogs (whether made of poop or, you know, pigs’ anuses). Hey, at least you get one condiment. You better relish it. (pun intended).

So, we have to ask:

Would you eat a poop hot dog to get into your first-choice med school?

We think the original post provides the data on this rather intriguing question, so rather than stop there, let’s ask what other perverse things you’d be willing to do to get into your first-choice medical school.

We proudly present the Savvy Pre-med's latest quiz:

What's the worst thing you would do to get into your first-choice med school?
Eat a poop hot dog?
Eat a cockroach every day for the rest of your life (you can cook it)?
Eat your family pet? (again, you can cook it)?
Marry someone you don't love (and have to stay married as long as you want to practice medicine)?
Only listen to your least favorite music - country/polka/death metal - for the rest of your life?
Guarantee Donald Trump another term as President?
Give up sex and masturbation for the next 30 years?
French kiss your parents for two hours straight?
Sign a statement saying: “I hereby sell my soul, after my death, to whoever has this piece of paper.”
Stab a small child you've never met in the hand with a safety pin (though no one would ever know it was you).
Accept the offer of admission knowing that a random person will die because of you? (You'd never know who it was or how it happened)
Please Specify:

We’ll publish the results (in aggregate - don’t worry; this is anonymous) next month.

And of course, what does this say about the mindset of pre-meds that they’re willing to eat a poop hot dog?  Is it true that they’re so desperate?

We’ll publish the results in an upcoming article. Stay tuned to see how far your peers are willing to go.