Medical School Application Dates 2017-2018 for AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS


By: Rob Humbracht

Pre-meds are Type A. Rather than wait for the application deadlines, they rush to submit their application on the first day each application opens.

Is this crazy? Well, not really. When you apply affects whether you get in.

Your Med School Application Is Ticking 

To help you stay on top of the application dates and deadlines for this cycle, we’ve written a quick guide to all the dates to know so that you can be on the application ball.


May 2 - AMCAS application opens

Why this date matters:

It's time to start filling out the application. The actual application--outside of the essays--takes about four hours to fill out. Things that can help make it easier are: a) ordering an official transcript for yourself (the coursework section is lonnnnng), and b) writing your essays in advance. Don't forget about the forgotten essays--the "Most Meaningful" essays!


May 19 - Last date to take MCAT without delaying your application

Why this date matters:

Because you get your MCAT scores back by June 20, this is the last date to take your MCAT without delaying your application (yes, you can submit your primary on June 1, but because applications aren't released to medical schools until June 30, a June 20 score release will not delay your application). Sure, you can take the MCAT later than May 19--there are several dates in June that would still be okay for this application cycle--but those dates will ever-so-slightly delay your application.


June 1 - First day to submit the AMCAS

Why this date matters:

Apply early! You'd better apply by 9:30am Eastern on June 1, or you'll never get into med school! Just kidding, obviously, but you should get your application in within the first week if at all possible. The biggest holdup is verification, which is where someone at AMCAS carefully reads every line of your transcript to make sure it matches up with what you put into the application itself (what a fun job!). The longer you wait to apply, the longer verification takes. At its peak in 2016, verification took up to a full month (so, if you apply July 1, your application isn't ready until August 1). The earlier you get your application in, the shorter verification will be.


June 30 - First applications released to medical schools

Why this date matters:

This is the first day to receive secondary essays. Most schools don't screen, so expect to get 8-10 schools--that's 32-40 essays--within the first week of July. The key to surviving this date is to pre-write your secondaries. You can find a full list of prompts here:


October - January - Medical school application deadlines

Why these dates matter:

They don't. Or, they shouldn't. If you wait until the deadlines to apply, you significantly damage your chances of getting in.


You should apply by July 1 if you can help it, or else we recommend that you wait until next cycle to apply.


Osteopathic medical school application dates:

May 4, 2017 - AACOMAS application opens

June 15, 2017 - First applications released to medical schools

January - March - Medical School Application Deadlines


TMDSAS (Texas) medical school application dates:

May 1 - Application becomes available and can be submitted