Newly added! “Start Here” Page


The Savvy Pre-Med has officially turned four years old. We’ve been writing since mid-2013, when our only reader was my mother, still our biggest fan to this day. Since then, however, we’ve reached 30,000 pre-meds per month and counting, and we owe it all to you. Thank you for sticking with us and continuing to read what we write!

To celebrate, we’re creating a new “Start Here” page to capture the most relevant, helpful articles for wherever you are in the admissions process. All too often, pre-meds get lost in classes, extracurriculars, and checking off the to-dos that they forget what makes them special - the one thing medical schools really want to know.

The “Start Here” page will help you navigate The Savvy Pre-med by your class year:

  • High school students, you may think you know what medical schools want, but you don’t. Learn what’s real and what’s mere rumor.

  • Freshmen and sophomores, stop trying to work harder and instead make a plan about how you will stand out come application time.

  • Students applying soon, you’ve worked so hard to get to this point. Accelerate through the application process by mastering everything there is to know to apply well, from how to write a personal statement, to choosing the right schools and acing the interview.

Wherever you are on your pre-med journey, you can improve your chances and even enjoy your life in the process. And why wouldn’t you? With a little help from Savvy Pre-med, you’ll be sitting pretty while your pre-med peers are scrambling.