Pre-Med News Roundup August 1, 2016

By: Ryan Kelly

Naloxone Saves Lives, but is No Cure in Heroin Epidemic. Every day, thousands of people who overdose on opioids are being revived with naloxone. Hailed as a miracle drug, it carries no health risk. It cannot be abused and does no harm to non-drug users. Most likely, it saves a life. But some argue that this safety net encourages users to up the ante and seek higher highs. Click the New York Times link to learn more about the use and regulation of this “miracle drug.”

Nudging Patients into Clinical Trials. The 81,000 clinical trials in the U.S. pose serious recruitment challenges. Besides money and giveaways like iPods, companies are offering incentives like subsidized patient transportation in cooperation with Lyft. Science Translational Medicine presents a matrix of these incentive options, their benefits, and potential drawbacks. Are these tactics just a nudge or a coercive shove? Click the Union Tribune link to find out more.

Being Unfit May Be Almost as Bad for You as Smoking. Poor aerobic health could be more harmful to longevity than people expect, according to a new study of middle-aged men. The study found poor physical fitness to be second only to smoking as a risk factor for premature death, with even more correlation than high blood pressure or bad cholesterol profiles. Click the New York Times link to find out more about the study’s parameters and key findings.