A Quick Programming Note

By: Rob Humbracht

Hi there Savvy Premeds,

We’re trying an experiment. Over the next three months, we’re writing a series of articles aimed at younger pre-meds (even as young as high school students!). As a preview of coming attractions, we’re planning to unveil:

  • The lowdown on Bacc/MD programs

  • The first-ever rankings system for the Best Colleges to Be Pre-Med

  • Advice to younger students about how to get into medical school

If you’re several years from the application process, you’re in luck! This content should be right up your alley.

But we don’t want to leave those of you in the throes of the application process hanging. We’ll alternate the new content with analyses of secondary essays and several interview-related pieces to help move you along.

In other words, bear with us while we try something a little different.

Rob, Ryan, Margaret, and the gang at Savvy Premed