Pre-Med News Roundup May 2, 2016

By: Ryan Kelly

New Medicare Rules Would Increase Bonus Opportunities, Ease Reporting. The Obama administration recently proposed two new rules: the Quality Payment Program, which gives doctors two options for getting reimbursed under Medicare. The second rule proposes changes to the highly unpopular Meaningful Use program regarding the documentation of electronic health records (EHRs). 

More Teenage Girls Seeking Genital Cosmetic Surgery. A disturbing healthcare trend has arisen from our image-obsessed culture. Young girls on the internet are developing false bodily perceptions--most recently through images of the vulva, often air-brushed and unrepresentative of normal variation between women. Most doctors oppose aesthetic surgeries and only use reconstruction in rare cases. 

Eager to Place Blame, Candidates Often Pick Wrong Targets. Peter Ubel, MD, provides a bipartisan look at how modern politicians misplace the blame regarding high healthcare costs. By debunking the conservative blaming of Obamacare and the liberal blaming of pharmaceutical companies and insurers, Ubel reveals the complexity of the issue and the various incentives for parties involved.