Pre-Med News Roundup April 4, 2016

By: Ryan Kelly

Repealing Obamacare Lawmaker’s Main Mission. Democrats lauded Obama’s Affordable Care Act as a crucial step towards achieving equal access to care. But Rep. Blake Farenthold, member of the House Judiciary Committee, is now on a mission to repeal it. His goal is to incorporate reform ideas from a Republican Study Committee, such as making insurance portable and allowing plans to sell across state lines. Click the MedPage Today link to find out more.

Doctors must educate themselves on transgender healthcare. As the topic of sexual identity continues to gain relevance in politics and culture, it’s important for doctors to understand the medical issues for transgender people--such higher rates of HIV/STDs, discriminatory stigmas, and poor mental health. This opinion piece calls for changes in healthcare policy that will alleviate this population’s burdens. Click the Huffington Post link to find out more.    

Should you own all your medical records? Devices like smartphones, Apple Watches, and Fitbits allow patients to monitor and record personal health data. Forty-six percent of doctors reported a technological gap, in which hospital systems fail to incorporate this self-collected data. Most agree that this info should be made available to doctors, but should it go both ways? Should individuals have unlimited access to their information? Does the average person have enough healthcare literacy to use it wisely? Click the Union Tribune link to find out more.