Pre-Med News Roundup January 4, 2016

By: Alison Herr

Medical and Health News That Stuck With Us in 2015. The New York Times has rounded up the top health and medical stories of 2015. Their top picks included Ebola, Medicare paid end of life conversations, the true costs of drugs, and many others. This is a great review of 2015.

CardioBrief: Precision Medicine Stuck in Second Grade. There is much hype around precision medicine these days, but a new study shows that genetic testing is a long way off from helping patients in a clinical setting. Researchers hope to change this with help from the NIH's Precision Medicine Initiative.

Kaiser Permanente plans to open its own medical school in 2019. The benefits of a new medical school founded by a healthcare system are the practical experiences students can have in both practitioner and administrative roles and the completely redesigned curriculum. The school will be located in Richmond, California.