Part 2: Which Schools Use the MMI?

So will you have to experience the MMI?  There’s a good chance.  In the mid aughts, Canadian schools started to implement the MMI, and now, only one Canadian school has not migrated to the format.  American schools - not quite as progressive as their Canadian brethren - began to implement the format a few years later, and we’re up to a grand total of 27 allopathic schools that use either the MMI or a hybrid format.  That’s about one out of every five med schools, so if you’re applying to these schools, you should prepare yourself for the MMI.

How many med schools use the MMI?


US Allopathic schools

Traditional: 114

Hybrid: 6

MMI: 21


US Osteopathic schools

Traditional: 28

Hybrid: 0

MMI: 5


Canadian schools

Traditional: 1

Hybrid: 2

MMI: 13



Traditional interview - an interview day consisting of one to three conversations with faculty, admissions staff, and medical students.  Interviews typically last between 20 minutes and an hour.

MMI interview - an interview day consisting of 8-12 stations, each with a specific task to accomplish.  Stations are usually 8-10 minutes in length.

Hybrid interview - some combination of the above, usually one or two longer conversations and a handful of MMI stations (3 or 4, instead of the full complement of 8-12).


We have compiled a list of every school that offers the MMI, double checking the list against each school’s website where possible (not all medical school websites tell you the details of their interview day).  We also used the experience of previous students at Passport Admissions as confirmation.  Medical schools do occasionally switch interview format from time to time, so if you know of an additional school we need to add, please include it in the comments below.


Download Schools Using the Multiple Mini Interview




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