Pre-Med News Roundup August 11, 2015

Worries about HPV vaccine: European Union medicines agency investigating reports of rare but severe reactions  Vaccines, and the HPV vaccine in particular, are hot topics in medical ethics.  Although the CDC recommends the HPV vaccine for 11 to 12 year olds, almost a third of teens have not.  So, when cases of severe reactions to vaccines hit the news, you should know the details in order to be able to discuss the risks intelligently.

Telemedicine: New and Easy Way to See the Doctor Telemedicine is being touted as the future of medicine, and a new report shows that it might help employers with savings of $6 billion in their cost of insurance premiums each year.  Other benefits include ease of access for remote patients and immediate assistance for stroke patients.  As a new doctor, technology is going to be part of your world, one way or another.

Medicare Plans to Pay Doctors for Counseling on End of Life Medicare will reimburse doctors for conversations they have with their patients about end of life issues.  This will allow patients to decide whether they would want to be kept alive if they became too sick to speak for themselves.  As the American population ages, many will be able to live longer but still suffer from grave illnesses, which will take its toll on family members, finances, and healthcare resources.  This is one of the biggest issues facing the future of healthcare.