Pre-Med News Roundup June 15, 2015

Predictive Medicine Uses Genome Sequencing To Forecast Illness Before It Happens  This NIH study is helping doctors find illnesses before they even happen by studying genetic mutations in DNA.  

A Top Medical School Revamps Requirements To Lure English Majors  Mt. Sinai’s School of Medicine is emphasizing the humanistic side of medicine as they accept non-traditional pre-meds.  The  HuMed program took humanities majors from specific liberal arts institutions and allowed them to skip the MCAT.  Their new program, FlexMed is going to be open to even more students.  The school hopes that humanities majors will bring different perspectives to medicine.

Viral History in a Drop of Blood Researchers at Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital  have developed the technology to see every virus you have every had in a single drop of blood.  This new test will take the guesswork out of patient history and diagnosis.