Pre-Med News Roundup May 25, 2015

Can Music Be Used as Medicine  Using biometric research, scientists in the Sync Project are looking at how music affects the body and brain.  We like this article, because it shows that research and medicine don’t have to be boring.

Oakland University  William Beaumont School of Medicine to Graduate First Class This Week  Oakland University is one of the newest medical schools in the United States.  Newer schools always have the element of the unknown, but the first graduating class does have a 100% residency match rate.

NIH Leads Effort to Enable Precision Medicine to Revolutionize Health Care Precision medicine may be the medical buzzword for the year, but it is more than just a phrase.  Medical schools, like Ohio State and the UC’s mentioned in the article, are going to be at the forefront of research on DNA sequencing and decoding the roots of cancer using extreme-scale computing and 4D imaging.