Pre-Med News Roundup December 7, 2015

I Am Paying for Your Expensive Medicine The New York Times editorial looks at how we value new medications versus how we pay for them.  A new effective cholesterol lowering drug would cost $14,000 per patient every year, but everyone’s insurance rates would go up to pay for the patients who require it.  Value in healthcare proponents argue that high prices should be linked to high health benefits.  

New questions require doctors to learn about military medicine The USMLE will now include questions regarding military medicine in each of its steps.  Physicians are seeing more patients with issues that disproportionately affect veterans, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and the affects of Agent Orange, as more and more veterans are served in civilian facilities.  This also means that medical schools’ curricula will have to follow.

The Start-Up That Will Keep Health-Insurance Companies Honest Two Harvard millennials have used technology to help distill the huge amount of information that exists on health insurance to recommend the best plans for people based on their personal needs, rather than just showing them lists of options.  The website plots all the plans on a two-dimensional graph to allow customers to see what the real costs and deductibles will be at the end of the day.