Pre-med News Roundup September 24, 2014

Your Surgeon Seems Competent, but Can He Type? A surgeon admits in his NY Times blog that while he can perform surgery, he has had a hard time keeping up with computerized charting. Read on to find out how he turns his weakness into a way to connect with his patients. 

After The NIH Funding 'Euphoria' Comes The 'Hangover' We think you will enjoy this article if research is in your future. It analyzes the lessons scientists have learned who spend more time writing grant proposals than conducting research.

Under Affordable Care Act, 25 Percent Increase in Health Insurers Is Predicted One of the effects of the ACA is a rise in insurance providers, therefore raising competition between providers. We think this will be an interesting read for medical school applicants interviewing this cycle. Thinking about the repercussions, both positive and negative, of the ACA will surely come up.