Pre-Med News Roundup August 7, 2014

We present the very first installment of our weekly news roundup: the best articles from around the web about medical school admissions.

1. Should you apply to DO schools?

An excellent article from the New York Times describing the history of osteopathic medicine, what it's like to attend a DO school, and the growing prevalence of DO physicians in today's workforce.

2. Should you consider applying to Caribbean schools?

Another excellent article this week from The New York Times about those seeking a second chance at St. George's University, probably the most reputable of all non-US medical schools (at least as it relates to getting students back to the US to practice medicine).

3. Why you should demonstrate integrity in your med school application.

Honesty and trustworthiness are two of the top qualities we expect to see in our doctors. US News & World report hosts a blog from Case Western's dean of admissions. She explains how to demonstrate integrity in your essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews.