Pre-med News Roundup November 4, 2014

One Family’s Illegal Journey to Get Medical Marijuana for Their Child This story and documentary from Time personalizes the argument for medical marijuana with the story of a little girl besot by hundreds of seizures a day. For her family, there were no prescription alternatives. When tough topics like medical marijuana come up in interviews and secondaries, remember to have empathy for the parties involved. On the other hand, there is a complete lack of scientific research to back up many of the claims. Balancing research with anecdotal evidence and empathy are important skills for a future doctor.

A Push to Back Traditional Chinese Medicine With More Data Researchers Marry Modern Analytical Techniques to Centuries-Old Theories on What Makes People Sick Western research is taking a look at ancient Chinese medicine at universities around the world, including Yale that has a study on an herbal compound that reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. If you are interested in getting your research funded, the U.S. government established the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 1998 with over $120 million in funding.

A Field Of Medicine That Wants To Know Where You Live The idea of individualized medicine usually refers to a persons genetic makeup, but environment is also a very personal factor. "Geomedicine" helps doctors use data to treat segments of the population based on their surroundings. This community based medicine can help prevent and treat environmental conditions.