Pre-Med News Roundup October 29, 2014

Drugs, Doctors, and Death Threats: Inside the Battle Over California's Prop. 46 California's Prop. 46 is a controversial ballot measure that would require doctors to take a drug test if a medical error was made.  The measure also raises the amount of money patients can sue for in medical malpractice cases in California.  It's no surprise that trial attorneys are backing the plan and groups representing doctors are against it.  

The Affordable Care Act: Who Was Helped Most A new set of data shows the demographics of the 10 million newly insured under Obamacare.  The article contains maps, graphs, charts, and all the fun stuff that makes statistics come to life.  The data shows that the most vulnerable populations benefited the most.

Doctors and Decision Fatigue  A new study finds that a phenomenon seen in judges who are more likely to deny parole at the end of a day is also true for doctors.  The study found that doctors are more likely to prescribe antibiotics to patients whose symptoms do not indicate a need for them at the end of their shift.  Life as a doctor is hard, and realizing the effects on patient treatment can help change patterns in treatment.