Pre-Med News Roundup October 2, 2014

Panel Urges Overhauling Health Care at End of Life The Institute of Medicine's panel of end of life care found that the system we have is broken.  While elderly patients generally prefer more cost effective palliative in-home services, they are often getting expensive surgical and hospital based procedures.  The disconnect starts from the lack of conversation with patients regarding their advance care planning. 

Doctors Find Barriers to Sharing Digital Medical Records Clinics and hospitals are finding that even when digital health record systems are in place, they struggle to share data with other company's systems.  Doctors will eventually be penalized by Medicare if they cannot share patient data. 

Changes to Medical School Curriculums to Improve Patient Care  The American Medical Association selected 11 medical schools (including UC Davis and UCSF) to each receive a million dollar grant to look for ways to change their curriculums to better reflect patient care since the Affordable Care Act took place. Changes will need to increase efficiency and cut costs in order to keep up with cuts to Medicare reimbursements to doctors.